ISME is an established key player in the world of engineering and technology. We value our members, our excellence in professional development and our national reputation. ISME is now taking forward the challenges of future. It will ensure that the role of engineers and technologists in various industries that have an impact on our daily lives is understood. ISME takes on the role of developing, promoting and announcing the progression of Mechanical Science and transfers the technology to its Professional Members and, in turn, members of the global community. ISME operates throughout India in several cities and has more Professional Members as well as institutional Patrons.

Aims and Objectives

ISME seeks to bring together individuals, and institutions and Govt . agencies & industries and Education to evolve and develop Engineering practices in India. Apart from upgrading the professional skills of its members, ISME also aims at the following

  • To spread the benefits of Engineering Education.
  • To advance the status and roles of engineering practice.
  • To facilitate interaction between members of Engineering Societies throughout the world.
  • To represent the opinion of Members of the society, on matters related to the objects of society.
  • To promote the values of Engineering and Technology and its applications.
  • Promoting continuing education and training.

ISME Membership Benefits

  • Membership Card
  • Professional Membership Certificate are awarded to earmark your professional status.
  • Quarterly E Journal
  • Interaction with Professionals
  • Professional association throughout lifetime.
  • Job Placement Service through Engineering Employment Today Bulletin, enables members to locate the job in anywhere of India.
  • Members receive discount rates on Technical Papers
  • International Professional Membership Assistance
  • Guidance to Register The Engineers Qualifications with The Engineering Council (British Royal Charter) as a Chartered Engineer (C.Eng.)., Incorporated Engineer (I.Eng.), Engineering Technician (Eng.Tech.), which is recognized throughout the world Through UK Professional Membership Organizations.
  • Seminar and Workshop
  • Advice &Information - ISME arranges professional, technical career and education advice and information for career development for which there is a Consulting Engineer/Advisor to support the same.
  • Awards &Fellowship of the Society are conferred upon members who have made outstanding contributions in the field of Engineering and Technology.
  • ISME assistance for Higher studies in abroad.
  • 50% discount for Advertising in Journal.
  • Guidance to join Indian Professional membership organizations
  • 50%discount for Registration with ENGINEERING TODAY as a Permanent Member.
  • ISME organizes a national conference.
  • Other Professional Service Assistance.
  • Discount rates - other Professional Journal
  • Paper Submission
  • Project Guidance , etc

ISME Membership Grades in our Institution

  • Student Member : 199 No’s
  • Senior Member : 5 No’s
  • Fellow Member :1 No
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