information technology

Educational field comprises with principles and practices of learning in students. Learning is equally dependent on teaching process, learning environment, learner’s attitude and on other supporting resources. In KNCET, environment is student-friendly, where all the scholars are free to reach their didactic needs simply and easily.

Pedagogical methods are:

  • Lecture/tutor
  • Outcome based teaching-learning system
  • Seminars, guest lectures
  • Library
  • e-learning
  • Project contest
  • Periodical assessment
  • Student counseling
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Cultural events
  • Club activities


Instructive, demonstrative, interactive process, practical theory, case study, and exposure with latest teaching aids (ICT), which simplifies the understanding of the students. 

Outcome Based Teaching-Learning System

Teaching-learning process with simple understanding and applicable to the real life challenges. That implementation of learned concepts leads to knowledge enrichment and knowledge up gradation. 

Seminars, Guest Lectures

To assist with recent trends and technologies, seminars and guest lectures by experts from industries and as well as from reputed institution are being entertained. 


Place of knowledge seekers’ is library, that has to be taken care and we fulfill the thirst of the scholars who are in need of it. Independent pathway instructs the people in its own way without any guidance for search of wisdom. 


To balance with technological challenges in the real world situation, e-learning is the right way of updating ones’ knowledge. Video conferencing, e-journals, e-book, etc… are facilitated with uninterrupted internet connection. 

Project Contest

Technical understanding can be exposed in a way of projects. Periodically projects are exhibited in project contests. 

Periodical Assessment

For academic assessments some strategies are followed to improve all levels of students to get eligible to face the final challenges of the course work. Where subject faculty, tutor, counselor and HOD are there to guide and counsel them to overcome their fear. 

Student Counseling

To control and balance the student behavior, counseling is taken care. During counseling students’ are observed, assessed, and convinced for their own betterment or their problems are identified and suggested with wise solutions. Student counseling is one of the best measure has been followed in our institution. 

Extracurricular Activities

Sports and cultural events are higher encouraged and motivated to the Kongunadu students. We have many facilities to go ahead in their interest areas. And also faculty members are there to guide them if they need any help. 

Co-curricular Activities

To learn more and wide, students are allowed to attend both internal and external inter department and intra departmental activities. This will help to learn continuously and advanced technologies. And also, they get external world exposure to show their competency.  

Cultural Events

Cultural interest and skills are revealed out in college’s annual day celebrations, Pongal celebration and in others too.

Club Activities

Apart from classroom activities, student committee can organize some regular events and programs based on their diverse interest. Like that department wise separate club activities are there which permit inter department student Participation also. This kind of gestures will improve their team work, innovative thoughts, and various different views on certain things to success.

Department of Information Technology is very sportive to support and sincere on following up in all those activities to enrich the students’ standard as well as the institution’s vision too. The Department stands forward for the overall improvement and for the welfare of the students in all means.

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